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Saturday, May 25th
Area15 | Las Vegas, Nevada

An alternative-wellness event promoting conscious consumption habits through education and play. Experience the integrative health industry with comprehensive enrichments in wellness theories and plant medicine. Inspired by Montessori-based principles, the event embodies 4-A’s (academics, amusement, amenities, and activities) by offering instructor guided programs, whole body wellness services, dining, travel and tourism, and an expansive expo marketplace for shopping, entertainment, and more.


The Venue

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Area15 is an experiential entertainment complex off the Las Vegas strip offering a wonderland of art, music, and amusement. On May 25th the venue will host the Cannaluxxe Wellness Expo alongside an immersive collection of attractions like art shows, VR experiences, axe throwing, flight simulators, and more. 

What To Expect

The Academy

The Academy is our mission to help people reach their highest potential through instructor led masterclasses.


We offer courses on personal development topics such as meditation, cannabis health, spiritual health, and more. Each course is designed to help you expand the power within, so you can make meaningful changes in your life. Whether you want to learn new skills, reduce stress, or just gain some clarity, The Academy is here to help enhance your wellbeing.

Vonetta Berry _ Abc Body Art.jpeg

Vonetta Berry

The Art of Intimate Connection

This program utilizes body paint as a tool to foster deep connections between couples and individuals alike. Participants will explore the depths of vulnerability, intimacy, and human connection in a safe, creative environment.

Key program highlights include:

• Couples can engage or reignite passion, enhance communication, and deepen intimacy through the shared experience of body painting.

• Individuals build self-confidence, embrace vulnerability, and connect with others through artistic self-expression.

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Brandi Lynette

Manifest Prosperity

A Holistic Approach to Achieving Financial Wellness and Intentional Success. Focuses on harmonizing the interconnected aspects of your life to create an abundant and prosperous future. You will learn the tools and techniques needed to achieve your short, mid-term, and long-term financial wellness goals.

Key program highlights include:

• Holistic Consumption: The impact of mindful choices regarding what you consume, including food, media, and sensory experiences, to enhance your overall well-being and financial success.

• Time Creation System: Master effective time management strategies to ensure effective allocation of resources towards personal and financial goals.

• Intentional Success: Create lucrative opportunities by aligning actions with intentions and fostering a mindset geared towards success.

• Manifest Prosperity: Explore the art of manifestation and how it can transform your financial journey, leading to abundance and prosperity in all aspects of life.

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Nicole Sligar

Self Mastering Alchemy

Designed to empower individuals in overcoming loneliness and cultivating meaningful connections within a supportive community. Participants will explore the world of conscious psychedelic consumption and its potential for personal growth and healing.

Key highlights of the program include:

• Addressing the prevalence of loneliness and its impact on mental health, while offering practical strategies for building a sense of belonging and community.

• Sharing invaluable insights on conscious consumption and responsible use of psychedelics, promoting a well-informed and respectful approach to their potential benefits.

• Presenting the latest research and statistics on lonliness and  mental health

• Facilitating open and honest discussions about personal experiences with loneliness, psychedelics, and the transformative power of human connection

• Nurturing a supportive community of individuals committed to personal growth, self-mastery, and helping others on their journey.

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Lizzy Jeff

Music, Mindset, and the Power of Sensuality

Through a series of guided exercises infused with medicine music, erotic journaling and sensual stretching, Lizzy Jeff is taking us on a very mystical ride. Reading from her latest book, Principles & Potions for Peace, Purpose & Prosperous Living, we will take a deep dive through sex magic, self love and manifesting our truest desires.  

This workshop is about learning how to harness the power of divine feminine energy and bring forth healing, peace in our communities & new Earth paradigms. Slide into your favorite silk garments, pour up a glass of rose water and come expand the cosmic womb with Lizzy Jeff. This workshop is open to Queens, Kings and all human beings.

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Live Performances

Special Guests


Victoria Seaman

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Councilwoman Victoria Seaman currently serves as a member of the Las Vegas City Council from Ward 2 and has been in office since 2019. Prior to that, she represented Clark County’s District 34 in the Nevada Assembly from 2014 to 2016, making history as the first Republican Latina elected to the body.

Recently, Seaman declared her candidacy for Mayor of Las Vegas, aiming to bring her keen ability and dedication to public service to an even higher level.

Kristal Bradford

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Kristal brings a wealth of experience to the table as she runs for Justice Court. With a background in civil law and her current role at the Clark County public defender’s office, she aims to bring a fresh perspective to the department.

As the only African-American woman running for Justice Court, her unique background sets her apart, allowing her to offer a different perspective on the bench. Kristal is committed to ensuring that all individuals who enter her courtroom feel heard and represented.  fairness, and justice for all.

Community Impact

Cannaluxxe Wellness Expo is produced by a community of business owners invested in making sure communities have safe, reliable, and comprehensive access to sustainable healthcare resources. We are proud to align with the Coalition of Patient Rights in the campaign to bring people together and access better healthcare for all.




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